Securing your job site is easier, faster and less expensive with a temporary fence!

Rent COSCO's QUICK-LINK temporary fence panels to secure your next job site. Welded construction provides heavy-duty protection to effectively secure your site from outside injury, theft and dumping.

COSCO's QUICK-LINK temporary fencing requires no holes to dig. Installation and removal is fast and easy because there are no holes to dig. By bringing security fencing to the surface, COSCO reduces the time and labor typically associated with other ground-installed rental fencing, and we pass the savings on to you.

COSCO's fully welded 6' high by 12' wide panels site securely in movable concrete blocks to accommodate nearly every terrain. Also, you can easily relocate the panels during construction. When the job is done there are no holes to fill and virtually no cleanup.

COSCO has a large inventory of both standard 6' by 12' panels and custom sizes. Contact us for further information - with 25 vehicles in our fleet, we can deliver it when you need it!